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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Through Four Percent Success Challenge

To learn affiliate marketing for beginners, Four Percent Success Challenge is an ideal platform. Affiliate marketing is a web-based business strategy for selling other people’s products online. It is like inbound marketing as defined by HubSpot, a technique for drawing customers to products and services through content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and branding. Four Percent Success Challenge is where you can learn both affiliate marketing and inbound marketing. It is your best way of making money online.

What is Four Percent Success Challenge?
The Four Percent Success Challenge is the online coaching program designed to teach you how to grow your business from literally zero to $10K, $100K, or even $1M in both affiliate marketing and inbound marketing. It is a comprehensive and step-by-step video-guided program. This program is directly coached by Vick Strizheus who is the owner and founder of

Who is Vick Strizheus?
Vick Strizheus is an 8-figure internet entrepreneur. He started from nothing and became a millionaire. He was first selling other people’s products as an affiliate, and today, for the first time, he is teaching you and showing you the steps precisely what to do each day, to build a rock-solid and successful online business as an independent affiliate and inbound marketer all by yourself, step-by-step.

How does the Four Percent Success Challenge work?
The Four Percent Success Challenge involves four necessary steps:

Step – 1: Enroll yourself in The Challenge
The first step is to sign up the Success Challenge, and you will get approved immediately and register in The Four Percent Challenge – For Affiliate Marketing & Inbound Marketing Program. You will be able to start your Success Challenge immediately, no matter what time it is!

Step – 2: Login the program and start your Challenge
Within minutes after enrolling in the Challenge program, you will receive an email with your private login and password to the FourPercent member’s portal from where you will activate ‘The Success Challenge’.

Step – 3: Watch your daily training session
You will get a private training session each day in which Vick will show you exactly what to do in that specific day. Remember that these training sessions are very accurate and are delivered to you in bite-size pieces so that you will never be lost or confused about your action steps.

Step – 4: Complete your daily action required tasks
In each training session, you will be asked to do some specific tasks. Those are the tasks for you to complete on that day. Some tasks may end within a few minutes while some tasks may require more time to complete. You finish your action steps for each day and watch growing your business rapidly.

The Four Percent Success Challenge is the best training program on affiliate marketing, inbound marketing, and everything on online/internet entrepreneurship. If you want the results, after getting in, follow the steps to the end.

What are the Four Percent Success Challenge program details?
The Four Percent Success Challenge program, is broken down into three levels so that you would get great results quickly.

Each level of The Success Challenge is built upon in such a way that it seems like an extension of a previous one. Each level is designed in such a way that anybody can follow the clear and the most straightforward path to results and real success.

Every day, you will get a specific and detailed video training with precise action steps for you to complete that day.

Level 1: The $10K Challenge
Vick starts from scratch the Success Challenge for you and builds up from there. Your goal is to follow him and go from where you are now. Even if you are just a beginner and have started affiliate marketing for the first time, he will help you generate your first $10K in revenue as an independent affiliate marketer online.

Level 1 is focused on the following key ingredients:

Activating your inner success mechanism
Most of the affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs fail in their business because they are programmed to fail. You will learn how to re-program and wire yourself for massive success and on autopilot.

Strategic product selection
You will learn how to find ideal products to sell in the marketplace that are high in demand. It is not necessary to create your product. You know how and where to find these great products to sell online.

Unique position in the marketplace
You will learn how to make yourself stand out from your competition with your selected product for promoting so that you get the most sales immediately starting from the beginning.

Clear messaging
You will be taught how to get a clear idea about your core message. You should be a meaningful specific and not a wandering generality as you find most of your competitors are.

Core skill set for marketing
Vick will teach you about traffic generation. He will show you methods how to drive massive amounts of traffic composed of highly targeted visitors to your online hub to see what you are promoting.

Multi-channel prospects acquisition
You will learn how to build your prospects list strategically and how to grow it fast by using various techniques.

Customer acquisition
Yes, customer acquisition means getting sales. You will learn tactics on how to convert your prospects into your loyal customers who want to buy only from you again and again.

Creating multiple streams of income
You will learn from the beginning how to set up multiple streams of passive and automated income to complement your main and core income channel. In this strategy, you will not require any more of your time or marketing efforts, but it will position you to multiply your results and sky-rocket your income.

Development of your home on the Internet
This ingredient is the most important one for your long-term success. Here, you will learn how to create your website on the Internet. Your website will give you the ultimate advantage in the marketplace and help in multiplying your income conversions.

Level 2: The $100K Challenge
Once you complete your Level 1 and you can generate at least $10K in sales, then you are ready to graduate from Level 1 and go to Level 2. This level is where you will see things become fun. In this level, the primary objective is to increase your income to 10 times what you did in Level 1.

The funniest part is at Level 2, the amount of required work for you is much less than what you did in Level 1. In this level, we will be developing and stacking a few more key ingredients to multiply your results to reach $100K.

Level 2 is focused on the following key ingredients:

Market leadership positioning
You will learn how to start taking control of your position in the marketplace and build and scale your influence naturally.

Invisible influence skill-set development
You will learn how to become influential in what you do. You will be taught a new tactic which is, in my opinion, is the most powerful skill, to get others to chase you so that they can buy from you instead of your competitors.

Strategic product stacking
You will learn techniques of stacking different products and a syndicated product suite strategically in the process. This products stacking strategy is the same one that most of the giant companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon are using to grow their sales, business, and revenue more exponentially and effortlessly.

Mass promotion strategies
You will be taught the secrets for creating massive promotions and marketing campaigns that will uniquely produce excellent results and making you very solid in your marketplace.

Custom systems and leverage creation
To make your business grow exponentially, you will learn how to create leverage through systems. This is where you will be learning to make money consistently day and night even while you sleep.

Plant the seeds of total domination
Vick will teach you how to go for business domination. He will guide you to strategically plant the seeds for total domination and prepare you for yet another extraordinary milestone level 3.

Level 3: The $1M Challenge
Ok, now once you are graduated to this level, you will be going big, and you can write your ticket in life literally.

When you are ready to go to this level, your life will never be the same again. This Level 3 will be available to you, but it will be experienced with the brave, daring and committed people.

Level 3 is focused on the following key ingredients:

Recurring revenue models and systems
You will learn how to set up your recurring revenue infrastructure where you will get lots of people paying you monthly on autopilot.

System scaling
You will learn how to scale massively what you have learned and built-in Level 1 and Level 2 of the Success Challenge. You will be taught how to climb your business strategically, effectively, and efficiently, to a whole other level.

Movement marketing campaigns
Here you will see how to start movements in your space, means how to influence and channel other people to create disciples, success stories, and start building your legacy.

Category ownership initiatives
You will learn how to solidify your voice in the marketplace to become a trusted figure of authority. This is the place where people look up to you for advice, guidance, direction, and inspiration. You will be genuinely making a massive difference in the world, and you will be feeling fantastic about yourself as money and lifestyle will become a by-product for you.

What will you get from the Four Percent Success Challenge?
After taking the Four Percent Success Challenge, by taking one success pill a day that is designed and created for you by Vick, you will have full control of your life by earning what you are worth, by doing what you love, and by enjoying each moment of your life.

The Four Percent Success Challenge will help you get:
You will know how to get results you want from your business. There will be a clear path for you to follow: no guesswork, no confusion, and no frustration.

You will know how to create the life you want by feeling in control and deserving the right experience for yourself and your family.

You will feel confident in yourself and your abilities to create the life you want.

You will have full power and freedom to create your economy and live on your terms.

When you have clarity, confidence, and power to live your life on your terms, you will feel real freedom. This type of freedom is only witnessed by 4% of the world’s population, and you will feel yourself one of those four percenters.

You will learn how to become successful in your life, and you will also learn how to share, contribute, and help others in need. Yes, the real secret to living is GIVING, and you will be able to provide the best for yourself, your loved ones and also for others who need your help and support.

The Four Percent Success Challenge is an ideal platform if you are learning affiliate marketing or inbound marketing. It is a perfect tool for all entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, internet marketers, online marketers, and online business promoters. If you are interested in learning to change your life by reaching your dream income range to $10K plus, then the Four Percent Success Challenge is for you. Join the program now and start making easy money online.

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