What Is Internet Traffic Mastery?

Internet Traffic Mastery

Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM) is a 12-module online course that will teach you everything you want to know about the Internet traffic. Vick Strizheus, the owner and founder of Four Percent company, creates this excellent course. It guides you to master the skills of online marketing and make you the best marketer or entrepreneur ever. Internet Traffic Mastery is a perfect key to entrepreneur success.

Why do you need Internet Traffic Mastery?

If you own a business, or if you are promoting a product or anything you are doing for marketing, you must know how to drive traffic. If there is no online traffic or less traffic to your online business, you are not going to do well in the online market. Internet Traffic Mastery guides you to attain the desired number of online traffic or call it ‘online buyers.’

The Four Percent IT team professionally designs this online traffic course, and it is guaranteed to work for all. It helps those marketers who are struggling to promote or sell their products online. It is a great tool to sharpen your skills and upgrade your knowledge of online marketing. It is a very educational program, and it is currently being offered at a discounted price for all the members and partners of the Four Percent company.

What will you learn from the Internet Traffic Mastery Course?

With the Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM) course, you will be able to understand:

  • The specific strategies for getting unlimited traffic on-demand
  • How it gives you certainty, confidence, power, and control
  • More traffic leads to more conversions which provide more sales
  • Ability to increase your marketing and sales knowledge
  • How to dominate in your marketplace
  • How to promote any product online
  • Dominate any advertising, selling, campaign, or the product marketing

Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM) Modules

The entire online course is made up of 12 in-depth modules designed to provide entrepreneurs and online marketers with all the traffic strategies they need to drive a constant stream of visitors or traffic to their online products or websites. The beauty of this course is that each module of this training can be implemented individually, even then marketers or entrepreneurs will get mind-blowing results and entrepreneur success. When you combine all the 12 modules, they will build you up into a master of the online market. Each module of this course is made like it is a course in itself as it elaborates extensively to master you in the Internet traffic.

Internet Traffic Mastery Modules

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Module 1: Traffic Rules, Strategy And Game Plan

This module teaches you the basics of online traffic. It is critical to understand the traffic rules and strategy to win the online market, and for that, you must have a game plan. This module helps you create a plan and lets you implement it strategically. It will guide you how you can multiply your results with little work.

This first module explains the three levels of online traffic where you will learn about building out and creating successful campaigns and how you can do a proper rollout strategy for a successful traffic campaign. It also explains the circle of traffic; i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google, etc. It will also polish your skills to conduct strategic campaigns once you complete this first module.

Module 2: Influencer Traffic Media

The most common and unanswered question you will find on the Internet is about getting your website in front of millions of online people on-demand. You might have also thought about this too. But you will get its answer by learning this second module as it will guide you to become the one influencing all the traffic media towards your online business.

In this module, Vick teaches how to reach millions of people on demand and through influencer marketing agencies and get floods of online traffic to any website you want. He has classified different social media influencers list so that you can easily approach them and start getting traffic to your any product or service or website. You will get a list of below influencers in this module:

  • Instagram influencers
  • Snapchat influencers
  • Facebook influencers
  • Twitter influencers
  • Youtube influencers
  • Bloggers
  • Podcasters

Module 3: The 24-Hour Traffic Media

You will learn in this module how to get instant targeted traffic ready to be directed to your website within 24 hours. This type of traffic is fast and very easy to engage. Potential results can be seen within an hour or so. This module teaches you how to get traffic quickly in an easy-to-engage method with absolutely no skills needed.

This module lists:

  • Traffic agencies
  • Email media buys
  • Ad networks

Module 4: Social Media Traffic

You will learn in this fourth module how to quickly and strategically get highly targeted traffic from the two most prominent social media networks in the world today. Most of you might think about free advertising, but honestly, it does not always work, and it also takes a lot of your time to get your desired results.

In this module, you will learn and get:

  • Fast traffic strategies
  • Position for domination
  • Viralocity
  • Scalability
  • Consistency
  • Free traffic methods

Social media networks include:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube

Module 5: Search Media Traffic

In this fifth module, Vick teaches how to get in front of the massive amount of hungry prospects. Those prospects who are desperately searching for what you are promoting.

The search media networks include:

  • Google
  • Bing, and
  • Some 2nd tier search engines

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Module 6: Display Traffic Media

In this module, you will be taken into the depth of displaying traffic media and will teach you about how to reach millions of targeted people daily with virtually no competition.

In this module, no stone is left unturned to guide you about:

  • Mass media networks
  • Content channels
  • Maximum clicks secrets
  • Strategic ad placements
  • Engagement secret triggers

This module includes:

  • Creating your banners
  • ClickBank marketplace
  • JVZOO marketplace
  • Forums
  • Bloggers
  • Major display ad networks
  • Major native ad networks

Module 7: Retargeting Media

In this module, you will learn specific marketing strategies for retargeting and how to reach millions of people and dominate your market.

You will learn about:

  • Google content networks
  • AdRoll network
  • Facebook retargeting

Module 8: CPA Traffic Media

In this module, Vick teaches you about how to get an army of super-affiliates that will send you thousands of visitors per month without paying any additional penny for traffic. He will guide you on how to use CPA traffic media networks to scale strategically. If you use this module in a right way, you will be on the top within no time frame.

Module 9: Strategic Syndicate Traffic Media

You will learn how to bring unlimited amounts of buyers consistently to your website without personally running a single campaign. You will know how to get fast results with very high quality and constant traffic. This module alone will tap pools of buyers for you. The beginners who have minimal experience about Internet traffic might feel overwhelmed by attending this course, but once they complete this module, they would become master in the traffic media.

Module 10: Perpetual Traffic Machine

You will learn in this module how to open floodgates of massive amounts of new fresh and targeted traffic to your website. This module is the ultimate system for traffic generation. Very few marketers and entrepreneurs know about this system. This module will guide you to create a hugely successful business by building and creating a substantial following for your website by default.

Module 11: Traffic Media X

This module will teach you how to become a traffic scientist by getting incredible amounts of traffic data. It will make you an extremely valuable marketer in your space as you will have insider knowledge and skills of your incoming traffic data and resources. With this module once completed, you will never depend on anybody for traffic ever again!

Module 12: The Ultimate Traffic Media

You will learn about the single most and the powerful traffic source on the Internet in this module. It will teach, guide, and help you how to tap into a well of instant and never ending highest converting traffic that is available mostly free and on-demand!


Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM) is an excellent online training program designed by the Four Percent team, available especially for its members and partners at a discounted price. The ITM course has 12 modules, and all the modules come with new and exciting techniques to master and dominate the online market. This online training program is worth paying the price. The discount price is available for a short period.

Anybody who wants to learn and grow his earnings and traffic should register for this program. It is an internet-based module-learning and has provided guaranteed results. One can gain a lot of traffic by paying less and in a short period. It is like a miracle for those people who are struggling from years to boost traffic towards their business websites.

Reserve your seat now and get the advantage of currently available half price offer. It’s now or never!

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